Check Out Lorine's New Video for "Drugs"

Lorine is back this week with a brand new music video coming from her highly anticipated “Sweet Bombs” EP.  Her single “Drugs” which she produced along with producer Sam Hoffman, is just what we need at the height of a time where mental health is at the forefront of several conversations on and off the camera. The video was directed Lorine and executed by Kyle Smithers.

Although the topic of mental health and drugs have been a constant trend in 2018, Lorine has never shied away from speaking her mind about her feelings towards society in her music. Her new video to her latest single “Drugs” gives an upbeat and fun approach to a serious topic that the industry seemingly chooses to push aside. In this video Lorine chooses to highlight the long term effects of what listening to some of the messages in today's music is doing to our subconscious minds by showcasing cue cards with facts about drugs. Lorine also mocs what the industry represents as she throws money on a girl with a big butt, showing off her grill wearing flashy clothes to indicate how wrong our priorities have gotten. She adds dance as a way fun escape and way to motivate people to be active following her line "Get up off your ass go do it, now I'm walking in my nike shoes." ”Drugs” gives us a spiritual and motivational message about what these perceived “drugs” are doing to the influential youth. In the song Lorine says, “ all these evil things running through our brains through the interwaves“, speaking to the several mixed messages and symbols that are used in the media to distract us from our true potential.